Contract For Excellence

I, ____________________________________, will:

(Your Name)

  1. Every Day:
    1. Spend a few minutes after I wake up in the morning to think about (or write down) 3 things I am grateful for.
    2. Make a list of 3 that you plan to complete today, prioritize and accomplish them.
    3. Spend 30-60 minutes with some form of physical exercise.
    4. Work extremely hard until my job is done for the day.
    5. Accomplish one task that gets me closer to my goals.
    6. Make time for something of value that benefits me.
    7. Consume a healthy meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    8. Get plenty of sleep.
  1. Once Per Week:
    1. Speak with my family and/or friends and demonstrate my appreciation and love for them.
  1. Once Per Month:
    1. Attend Excellence Meetings, once per month at my school.
    2. Revisit my list of weaknesses; ask continuously find ways to implement improvement and profit from my mistakes.
    3. Revisit my goals to make sure I am on track with my deadlines.
  1. Be helpful and kind to my teacher/professors, coaches, counselors, teammates, friends and family.
    1. Continuously ask for ways I can help them.
    2. Be in full service to everyone I encounter.
  1. Maintain my self-discipline when I encounter a challenge in my life that causes me stress and anxiety:
    1. Be tough, remain calm, figure out a solution and make a decision.
    2. Remain focused, I will not complain.
    3. Remain abstinent from harmful substances.
    4. Conduct myself in a lawful and morally correct manner in all my activities.
  1. In the event of a breach of any of the terms of this contract, I will:


(eg. Contact my mentor, explain why I breached this contract and figure out a solution.)