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4th Down's Mission

The 4th Down Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that partners with high schools to build sustainable leadership programs for their sports teams.

In order to fund its mission, we provide leadership conferences and special events in order to educate individuals and organizations on effective solutions for the challenges they are facing and how to implement sustainable infrastructures moving forward. 
To nurture and develop the leadership potential of student athletes in order to prevent engagement in harmful decisions that could impact future achievement.
We are foundation that works with high schools and their coaches to build sustainable cultures for student athletes centered around growth in personal development. 
We provide a customized leadership program designed to activate learning, build unity, and transform student athletes into leaders.


  • Student athletes have made improvements in attendance, GPA, and behavior.
  • Proven increases in knowledge, humility, communication, and self-confidence.
  • Student athletes are engaging in career opportunities and planning out their futures.
  • Declined rates of substance abuse and law violation in young adult, first time offenders.

Contract For Excellence

Student athletes have the opportunity to sign a contract with 4th Down that entitles them to:
  • Remain committed to achieving their goals and
  • Refuse to engage in harmful behavior.

Our contract

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