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4th Down's Mission

The 4th Down Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that serves high schools and universities by helping to build customized and sustainable leadership development programs for their athletic teams. 

We provide leadership conferences, special events, and retreats in order to fund our mission and educate athletes on the fundamentals of leadership while providing opportunities for those individuals to apply that knowledge in team-based challenges designed to test and build their leadership abilities. 
To build effective leaders. 
To build sustainable winning cultures.
We provide team leaders with leadership education and training opportunities, case studies, performance evaluations, and leadership counseling. In addition, we provide the teams with frameworks and unity building activities. 


  • Student athletes are building strong relationships with their peers and have made improvements in attendance, GPA, and character.
  • Proven increases in knowledge, humility, communication, and self-confidence.
  • Student athletes are engaging in career opportunities and planning out their futures.
  • Declined rates of substance abuse and law violation in young adult, first time offenders.
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