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Leading Through Pain

The inexperienced leader can acquire a book and learn a lot about leadership from the careful guidance of an author, influencer, military leader, or a college professor.  I know this, because I was that inexperienced leader.  But what puzzled me is the question, what specific communication does the leader provide his or her subordinates during […]

Confidence is Contagious

Confidence is Contagious. When a leader demonstrates a confident bearing, his demeanor can actually instill confidence in his teammates.  When the gates of hell open and Satan’s army is charging, when all hope is gone; the confident leader smiles. A subtle gesture that produces an enormous impact.  Even when your teammates are terrified, they will […]

What is Leadership?

What is leadership? Leadership could be most easily described as the effective ability in getting people to do… things.  And therefore, a leader’s measure is their effectiveness in doing so.  Take for example the illustration below:  As a leader, your primary mission is to move all the people located Box A into Box B.  And […]


On July 12, 2021, our 4th Down Leadership team hosted our first official ATHLEAD event at South Garner High School with the tremendous help from our friends with the United States Marine Corps. ATHLEAD was designed as a physical and mental toughness competition tailored to facilitate the growth and development of team leadership. We are […]

SGHS Soccer Team – First Bootcamp on January 22, 2021

Last Friday, January 22, 2021, in collaboration with the officers and enlisted personnel of the United States Marine Corps, we held our first “Bootcamp Experience” for the South Garner High School Men’s Soccer Team. For many of the athletes, this was one of the hardest physical challenges they have faced. But specifically for the team […]

Excellence Group Meeting – South Garner High School Soccer

I invited my friend, Marcus Luster to this small group meeting so that we could connect with the student athletes of South Garner High School at a comfortable level.  Marcus is a CPA and former student athlete and soccer player. Marcus was able to successfully provide commentary for the players and connect our lesson plan with basic soccer fundamentals.